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Food delivery app where a user can choose a particular restaurant and can place an order. You can discover over a number of restaurants across your area.

Features Highlights:

  • Sign Up & Login: Google, Facebook & Apple Both Restaurant Owner & User can Login and Check the status.
  • List of Restaurant.
  • Search an Item or Restaurant.
  • Add Items in cart Add your Credit & Debit Card details.
  • Place an order.
  • Real time Push notification about order status.
  • Raise the ticket

In this app one can find, create, invite, and attend live events of their interests or lifestyles.

Features Highlights:

  • Sign Up & Login: E-mail, Facebook.
  • List of events nearby as per current location.
  • One can invite friends to different events that are featured in the app.
  • One can review the events they have attended
  • One change the attending status of the app.
  • Chat with the users who are going to attend the event.
  • See the list of people attending the event.
  • Filter the Events location, date and venues.
  • Check-in feature where one can share his/her current location.
  • Contact Sync & Profile Update.

An online shopping App where users can buy and sale the item they want.

Features Highlights:

  • Sign up & Log in: Email.
  • List of item available.
  • One to One Chat with Seller & Buyer.
  • One can wish the item they liked.
  • Post an item to sell and can change the status of item.
  • Set the location to see the availability of the item.

In this App one can find providers of relevant services and products in their location.

Features Highlights:

  • Sign Up & Login: E-mail, Facebook, Google
  • Guest Login
  • Search for the services across the area.
  • List of all business available.
  • Rate & review for the services they used.
  • One can add their business to have better online visibility

A booking App where one can book the available trips and as well can avail the weekly passes.

Features Highlights:

  • Sign up & Login: E-mail
  • One can view available taxi & trips and book them.
  • Book weekly passes to avail the concessions.
  • View the booking details.

A health app that lets you track your daily activities and food intake. One can have a dedicated coach that will guide for nutrition intake and exercise as per the health conditions.

Features Highlights:

  • Sign up & Login: Email
  • Upload the videos and Images on Feed wall.
  • Like & comment the daily feeds.
  • Choose Coach as per the health requirements.
  • Track daily activities like: Cycling, Meditation, Yoga, etc.
  • Track Calorie and water intake.
  • Track the water.
  • One to One Chat with Coach and the user.

A consultant app where one can choose an advisor and can have a chat with him/ her regarding their love, health, career and many more.

Features Highlights:

  • Sign Up & login: Email
  • Can have a list of advisor on their dashboard.
  • Can choose a particular advisor and can have text and live chat with them.
  • User can buy and add the coins to their wallet and purchase the packages.
  • User can give reviewed to the advisor as per the experience.

An SMS app where the phone’s SMS get synced and user can set the reminders for their task.

Features Highlights:

  • Sign Up & Login: E-mail
  • User can set the reminders for their daily tasks
  • User can also create the folders and rename them and can also move the SMS from one folder.
  • Rename & Delete Folder option available.
  • SMS auto sync available
  • One can reset the time for notification for un-replied messages, so the user gets timely reminders
  • Can have the count on the app icons
  • Can Block & Unblock the contact.

It’s a pet dating app where pet owner can date others and can follow them.

Features Highlights:

  • Sign Up & Login: E-mail
  • User can swipe right and left to get matched with like pets.
  • One can follow and Unfollow others and can see their posts.
  • Uploads Images and videos on the feed.
  • Have feature of stories like IG.
  • Can view, like and comment others posts.
  • Can chat with another user.
  • Can view others profiles.
  • Set a Marketplace, where one can sell the pet accessories.

This app allows us book a maid to track them.

Features Highlights:

  • Login: Email
  • Maid can see their booking.
  • Can send the text message to the owner once reached and start their work.
  • Finish the work and request the total amount for the work done by them.
  • Can view their upcoming bookings.


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